There is onsite parking for an additional charge. There is also on road parking close by if you look for it.
Broadband internet is provided and included within the rental contract at no extra charge.
From time to time flats my become available to purchase. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a flat at Central Park Towers.
Minimum length contracts run from the 1st September 2013 to the 5th July 2014 which is 44 weeks; the minimum contract length we operate. Some students like to rent their accommodation beyond their course period to holiday in the West Country.  There are weekly reductions for 52 weeks contracts. Please contact us for further details.
The rent deposit is £300. You must still keep the flat regularly maintained with a general cleanliness during tenancy.  The deposit is protected for you under one of the government rent protection schemes.  This is refundable to you within 28 days of end of tenancy, less the cost of any damage found. Both landlord and tenant will sign a record of the flat inventory and condition report at start and finish of tenancy.  This ensures fair play as we like to take an ethical approach to handling student deposits.  Both parties need to be present for this by strict appointment on day of incoming/outgoing handover.
Living room